Major Winners

Ginger & fennel truffle – FREDERICKS CHOCOLATERIE

Added August 27th, 2013

The Grenadian 60% truffle filling for these chocolates is infused with Chinese stem ginger while the 40% Javan shell includes organic fennel seeds. Judges noted that all of these flavours were well-balanced but the appearance also grabbed them. “A fine product in a very crowded market,” they said. “The beauty of these chocolates makes them […]

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Banana habanero – MR. VIKKI’S

Added August 26th, 2013

Hot condiment specialist Mr Vikki’s makes this sweet, sour, hot and tangy chutney with fresh bananas, ginger and habanero chillies. Judges said they enjoyed the layers of flavour coming through from the individual ingredients as the chilli heat grows.

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Added August 25th, 2013

Having won two stars for three of its raw milk cheeses last year, Corleggy Cheese has produced a cheeseboard accompaniment that is “delicious and crystal clear with a good depth of flavour”, according to judges, who also praised the balance of sweetness with alcohol.

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28 dry aged Longhorn cote de boeuf – MARTINS MEATS

Added August 23rd, 2013

This rare breed Longhorn cote de boeuf is aged for 28 days by Cotswold business Martin’s Meats, a retail and catering butcher set up by farmer Martin Gilder 10 years ago. The first-time entrant’s beef impressed judges with its attractive marbling and, above all, it’s flavour. “Juicy and well flavoured with a long finish,” they […]

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Sea salted caramel with fennel pollen – EN PLACE FOODS UK

Added August 23rd, 2013

This second of En Place Foods Top 50 products. It was the balance of flavours, particularly the subtle fennel, that convinced judges to award this caramel sauce with added Irish sea salt and hand-picked fennel pollen. “A riot of flavours in remarkable balance,” said judges. “Unctuous and unbelievably moreish.”

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Marybelle Greek-style yoghurt – MARYBELLE DAIRY

Added August 22nd, 2013

This smooth Greek-style yoghurt is made using a blend of local milk sourced from Norfolk and Suffolk. “Beautiful colour and creamy consistency and a lovely acidic aroma that makes you want to dive in,” said the judges. “Full, rich and deeply creamy flavour with a refreshing tang.”

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Stornoway water biscuit with Hebridean seaweed – STAG BAKERIES

Added August 19th, 2013

Baked on the Isle of Lewis, these traditional Stornoway water biscuits are flavoured with Hebridean seaweed harvested from local seawater lochs. The biscuits have been developed to evoke a taste of the sea and the judges thought this delivered in both aroma and flavour with just right amount of salt. They also thought it would […]

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Lakeland treacle bread with walnuts & raisins – MORE? THE ARTISAN BAKERY

Added August 18th, 2013

This moist, slowly fermented 100% wholemeal loaf, from Cumbria-based artisan baker and serial Great Taste award winner Patrick Moore, has been enhanced with  treacle and walnuts to boost its texture. Judges certainly agreed and they also applauded the loaf’s “deep, complex flavours”.

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Virgin Pistachio Oil – AZADA

Added August 17th, 2013

Last year, it was Azada’s hazelnut oil that made the Top 50. This year, it’s the pistachio oil’s turn. Made entirely from lightly roasted and cold-pressed pistachios, the oil has a vibrant green colour, which caught the judges’ eyes. They also rated it highly on smell and taste: “Great aroma, excellent fresh pistachio flavour, rich […]

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Acacia honey, rosemary & orange zest gelato – LA GELATIERA

Added August 15th, 2013

“We could hear the cows mooing in the far distance, such was the artisan character and freshness,” read the judges comments on this gelato. It is made with organic jersey milk and organic jersey pouring cream using a traditional bain marie method.

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Green pepper venison salami – GREAT GLEN GAME

Added August 14th, 2013

This salami is made with sustainably sourced wild venison from the Scottish Highlands and flavoured with green peppercorns. “Very appetising aroma and a fine, soft, moist texture,” said the judges. “The balance of pepper is just right.  It is powerful but not over-powering.”

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Salt-aged Glenarm Shorthorn beef – HANNAN MEATS

Added August 9th, 2013

Having revolutionised the pig’s cheek with last year’s Supreme Champion guanciale, Northern Ireland’s Hannan Meats has turned its attention to beef. This rack is prepared in Hannan’s recently constructed dry-aging chamber using a 12ft high solid wall of hand-cut Himalayan rock salt bricks. Judges said it was “very tender and soft, a lovely texture and […]

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